Lea County Home Extension Clubs

Lea County Extension Homemakers have three active clubs. Many tours, programs and workshops are offered through the clubs, throughout the year. The Lea County Extension Homemakers work to strengthen families through education, leadership and action. The current goals of the organization are:

  • Create an educational display during the Lea County Fair and Rodeo.

  • Members will participate in the Lea County Fair and Rodeo in some fashion.

  • Serve our communities through projects and educational programs.

  • Strive to put into action one educational program through your club.

Club membership is $5.00 per year. Members receive a copy of the Home Economics Newsletter, a Yearbook and program/workshop materials. Most programs are free to the participants; however, the participants must purchase their own supplies for the workshop or programs as needed. Persons interested in joining an Extension Homemaker Club may call the Lea Count Extension Office at (575) 396-2819 for more information.

Current Extension Homemaker Clubs:

  • ARTFUL HANDS (County Wide Membership) is an organized group of quilters and crafters who love using their hands to create. The club meets on the third Wednesday of each month at the Hobbs Senior Center at 9:00 am. Members work on quilts, cross stitch, embroidery or various craft type projects.

  • LOVINGTON LLANO (Lovington Area Membership) meets the second Tuesday of each month at 10 am at the Jackson Ave Baptist Church. The members of Llano enjoy meeting once a month, having a community program and enjoying lunch.

  • HOBBS TRIANGLE (Hobbs/Knowles Area Membership) meets the first Tuesday of the month at 11 am. The meetings are held at a local restaurant or a members home. The club members enjoy meeting for a monthly program, eating lunch and working on a community service project. The club members also meet other times of the month learn a new craft, sewing pattern or finish UFOs.

  • MAILBOX MEMBERS (County Wide Membership) is composed of individuals who wish to be a part of the extension homemaker organization but cannot attend regular club meetings. These members attend workshops, social functions, and receive educational information from the extension office.

Current Extension Homemaker Programs Check the County Calendar Page for future Club Programs and Workshops. Any program materials will be listed here.

Master Homemaker Award and Master Homemaker Club Award The Master Homemaker Club Award is an award for the recognition of the clubs county wide. The award promotes greater participation within the membership; an increased membership in the clubs; an increase in participation within each club; and promotes the visibility of the Lea County Extension Homemaker Clubs through community service and volunteerism.

Each club receives points for participation in various county wide activities. Club members will receive individual points for participation in various county and club activities. The club and individual with the most points will receive an award. The award will be given out during the Annual Meeting each year.