Lea County Progressive Agriculture Safety Day

The Progressive Agriculture Safety Day is presented to Lea County 3rd graders each year. Local safety experts provide safety programs for the youth, teachers and parents to learn from. In two days, nearly 1400 youth, teachers and parents attend the event and learn safety topics like, gun safety, stranger danger, calling 9-1-1, chemical safety, pipeline safety, gas safety, food safety, water safety, bully prevention, first aid and drug awareness. The Lea County program is funded through donations by:

  • The Progressive Agriculture Foundation

  • The J.F. Maddox Foundation


  • Southwest Border Food Protection and Emergency Preparedness Center

  • Lea County Farm Bureau

  • DCP Midstream

To make a donation to the Lea County Progressive Agriculture Safety Day, please contact us at (575) 396-2819 or email lea@nmsu.edu.

For more information, visit the National Progressive Agriculture Safety Days website.